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After a coffeeshop breakfast, Linh and I drive to Sao Viet Resort, about 15km away. I asked her if there were any gardens around and she thought this might be a good place. It was lavishly landscaped and busy with many local daytrippers. I spoke with a receptionist from Myanmar, who spoke english well but did not speak Vietnamese. She was eager for any foriegners to stay there so she could speak to them. She said Linh and I could get a nice room with breakfast included for $25, which is a great price for this place but we weren’t interested in staying there. After walking around the resort, we went to a beach 3km away. We got our own small table and 2 chairs placed right on the beach for us. Linh ordered a huge bowl of rice soup with some kind of seafood in it, 4 slices of raw fish and 2 coconus. They brought out a small, kind of charcoal stove and Linh cooked the fish right there. 

We went back to Tuy Hoa and then to her friend’s house to eat and drink more. It was her friend’s sons first birthday and a big celebration. Drinking beer is a popular pastime here, especially during Tet holidays. Her friends ask me if drinking is popular in Canada! I assure them, yes it is! They toast a lot here. Everytime someone takes a drink, they toast cheers and everyone at the table has a drink. They toast at least once every 2 minutes, so the beer goes down fast. One strange thing though, even though the beer is fairly cold, they all drink it with ice. Something that is never done in Canada.

The birthday party food is our dinner tonight. After that Linh drops me off at the hotel and then spends time with her family. She has been living and working in Ho Chi Minh for the last 11 years, which is a 10 – 12 hour journey by bus. So she is not at home often, just going home once in summer and once during Tet.

 I spend the night relaxing at the hotel, watching movies, of course! I must say the bed in my room is one of the softest yet firm I’ve had the whole trip. It’s actually a spring mattress as opposed to a kind of thick or very hard mat that passes as a bed in most other places. The road in front of the hotel is deserted by 10pm and every night at the hotel is super quiet. It really is one of my favorite places to stay in Vietnam and I’m glad I came back again.

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